marriage celebrant mornington peninsulaYou have enough to think about on the day of your wedding, without worrying about the legalities and logistics of your Ceremony. That’s my Job!

Marriage celebrant Mornington peninsula
I take my role as your Celebrant very seriously. I am professional, I am early to every event, and I provide all of my own equipment. I will happily assist with any other little areas of your ceremony set up if required!

My role as a Marriage Celebrant is to bring your stories together, narrate the chapter to your captive audience, and send you off to live your very own ending….a fairy tale ending of course.

I am there to tell your own story, making it as detailed or as personal as you would like it to be. Together we can ensure your ceremony is created from your own perspective, and reflects the series of amazing events that have led you to each other and ultimately to this day, My attention to detail means that I will want to know all the little details about you; and for you to feel like you know me too.

I will be a stickler for the rules, ensuring all legal requirements are met, official words are spoken and documents are signed. I will inform you of all these and ensure your Marriage is legal and performed to the highest standard. It is the little details that count. Marriage celebrant Mornington peninsula

It’s my job to help you to relax, to ensure that you feel completely comfortable and ready for your day to begin. I am flexible and creative. I am very honest, generous with my time and open minded. If you want your dog to be your bridesmaid I might giggle but I won’t judge.

It is your day!

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