During this difficult time it is often confusing to know what to do. Your Funeral Director and Your Celebrant are here to look after you every step of the way. At any stage you are welcome to ask questions. You may not have been in this situation before so as professionals, we are here to answer your questions and guide you through the process.

Initially the Funeral director will contact me, the Celebrant, to request my services. I will then contact you to arrange a time to meet. The meeting usually takes place in your home as I believe you will be more comfortable in familiar surrounds at this difficult time. It is also a lovely option to meet in the home of your loved one who has passed. Of course, you are welcome to come to my home if you would prefer. I am here for you, distance and time is of no consequence to me, so please consider only what is most comfortable and convenient for you and your family, I will happily oblige.

I will meet with you and a small group of family or friends to share memories and important details of your loved one. I will encourage you to share stories, anecdotes, favourite memories, childhood mischief and even adult heartbreak. This will ensure I can accurately and respectfully honour the life of your loved one in a meaningful ceremony. There will be plenty of tears and hopefully riotous laughter at our meeting, there is no time limit and I will always have a steady supply of tissues, hugs and a hand to hold.

It is helpful to have a list of people who wish to speak during the ceremony along with some basic facts such as date and place of birth and family details. I would love to share photographs of your loved one to gain a glimpse into their life.

It is my goal to ensure you receive a ceremony that truly reflects your loved ones life, and ensures a lasting memory of love and respect for them.

After our meeting I will write your ceremony. I will review the ceremony with a nominated person either in person or on the phone to ensure accuracy.

The only standard style I have is to ensure your ceremony is exactly as you want it. If a traditional ceremony is important to you, that is what I will perform. If you want something a little more light hearted, we can do that too. A funeral is a celebration of life, an acknowledgment of loss as well as a sharing of grief. I aim to honour your loved one and uplift your guests with vibrant energy, reflection and remembrance.

Venues for Funerals are many and varied. You may choose a traditional funeral location such as Bunurong Memorial Park or Springvale Botanical Cemetery, Your Funeral director may have a chapel onsite or you may choose an independent venue. Depending on the location, number of guests, number of speakers included in the ceremony and whether you choose to have a period of reflection, we allow 45 – 90 minutes. We can discuss this with the Funeral Director after our first meeting.

At a time when you will feel overwhelmed with emotion and decisions to make, please be assured that I will be by your side every step of the way to ensure you feel supported and your loved one is respectfully remembered.

Alisa x

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