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I’m sure you have a lot of questions about your wedding ceremony, and it can be really hard to remember them all. Here are some of the common ones I am asked.  – Alisa.

How much do you charge?

My Wedding Ceremony fee is $950. This includes all meetings, preparations and the actual ceremony and I bring all of my own equipment.

Why should we choose you as our celebrant?

It is my goal to ensure you receive a ceremony that truly reflects your personalities, and ensures a lasting memory of joy and love for each of you, your family and guests. Remember, it’s completely up to you if you wish to choose me to perform your ceremony. Ultimately, YOU need to feel comfortable with the person who is assisting you with your legalities on this very important day. I will never be offended if you do not wish to proceed with my services.

Do you have a certain style?

The only standard style I have is to ensure your ceremony is exactly as you want it. If a traditional ceremony is important to you, that is what I will perform. If you want something light hearted, we can do that too. I have even been in a themed wedding, complete with costumes.

How do we get started?

The first step is to make a time to meet each other. Our initial meeting will be at my office in Somerville. Let’s get together and talk about both what you envision, and how I can help you. After that, should you wish to continue, I request a $200 booking fee. I will then begin the formal lodging of your paperwork and legal documents.

Can we choose our own ceremony words and can you help us?

Yes, you can. There are a few legally binding words that I must include in your ceremony however the rest is up to you. I also have plenty of ideas, readings and poems if you need some help.

Do you only do weddings?

No, I also perform funerals.

Where do you perform ceremonies?

I have performed ceremonies at a variety of locations both around the Mornington Peninsula and other regions. These have been indoor, outdoor and at a range of different and private locations.

Where and when do you see people?

We can schedule your appointments at time that are convenient to both of us. I am more than happy to come to meet you at your place, evenings and weekend meetings can be scheduled too when suitable.

How long does a marriage ceremony usually take?

On average, a wedding ceremony usually takes around 20 minutes. This can be much shorter, or much longer if you have special readings you want to include, or have family members participate in the ceremony. It’s really up to you.

What sort of music will I need for my wedding ceremony?

The style and choice of music is completely up to you. Some couples choose a song that has been significant to their relationship. Others may like the meaning of the words. Some couples may choose a song that is up beat and fun to create a special mood for the day. Generally you need four songs, one to walk down the aisle to, two to play when signing the register and One to walk out to. Continuous music can also be played before and after the ceremony to create ambiance.

When should I choose my Celebrant?

It is wise to choose your celebrant at least 6 months prior to your wedding date. This will allow time to plan and get to know each other, you will ensure that the celebrant is available for your date chosen.

How do I choose a Celebrant?

My recommendation is to choose someone you feel comfortable with. After all, this person is going to be assisting you to declare your love for one another. You want to feel comfortable and relaxed. Never be afraid to tell your celebrant if you don’t feel that you have connected properly. A great celebrant won’t be offended; in fact they will appreciate your honesty. Ask your celebrant how many ceremonies they have completed and when they became qualified. Even if your celebrant is relatively new, you will still get a feel for their commitment to your day.

What will you wear?

I generally wear a tailored dress in a neutral colour; I like to look neat, elegant and professional. If there is a specific colour you would like me to consider, I am happy to discuss it with you.

Do you support same sex marriage, ie: Marriage Equality?

Yes, I do. You can support it too here: Australian Marriage Equality.

We want to arrive at the ceremony together, is this OK?

Sure! It’s your day so you can arrive however you please. We will chat about all your options and ideas during our consultations and finalise everything at the rehearsal.

Is it fashionable for the bride to be late?

10-15 minutes is acceptable, to ensure your guests have been seated and are comfortable. Be mindful of the weather and location if you are running late and how this may affect your guests.

Should we have some chairs for our guest? How many is the right amount?

A general rule is to supply chairs for approximately 50% of your guests. However, if you have a guest list that has a high amount of elderly, pregnant or parents with small children you may want more. A very long ceremony, or a very hot day are other reasons to supply additional chairs.

What happens after the ceremony? Do you stay for the reception?

After the ceremony, when all of your legal Marriage documents are in order and you are ready to head off for photos I will quietly pack up my equipment. I will do my best to say goodbye without interrupting your time with your guests. If you would like a photo with me I am happy to jump in for a quick snap. I usually don’t stay for the reception as I’m certain you have agonised over the guest list and I wouldn’t want to steal a seat from a treasured friend. It is your day to enjoy with your family and friends.

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