What is a Celebrant?

In Australia, celebrants are people who conduct formal ceremonies in the community, particularly weddings, which are the main ceremony of legal import conducted by celebrants. They may also conduct extra-legal ceremonies such as naming of babies, renewal of wedding vows and funerals. Officiating at a marriage requires that the celebrant be an authorised marriage celebrant under Australian law, but officiating at extra-legal ceremonies does not. Read More.

Selecting the person to legally bind you in the sacred tradition of marriage is a very personal process.

If a church wedding is not part of your wedding plan, you will require a Licensed Civil Celebrant to perform your ceremony. When selecting someone to perform this duty, personal taste is generally the deciding factor.  Male or female?  Older or younger? Traditional vows or modern interpretation?

Celebrants are changing and becoming more modern to suit the needs of modern day couples.